Behind the product

The production of some of the most unique JŪRATĖ items requires extraordinary craftsmanship and precision. Combining the knowledge of materials and skills of local craftsmen, JŪRATĖ employed technology of handweaving linen and leather which became a recognizable signature of JŪRATĖ bags collections. To produce one piece, the leather is handcut and handwoven with the linen yarns, then sewn by highly-skilled artisans.

At the small manufactory in the very heart of Vilnius our craftsmen make our products and weave them from linen and leather on authentic old wooden looms. This meticulous production and the time honoured skills of all our weavers and designers retain an air of exclusivity with understated elegance.

JŪRATĖ weaving manufactory and showroom is located in the Town Hall Square, in Vilnius Old town, a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. Here, we are maintaining and further developing Baltic weaving traditions. As a participant in the cultural project to preserve Lithuanian ethnic arts and crafts, we offer many opportunities to learn about flax and traditional weaving using wooden looms, while adding in our own new creative ideas.