Established in 2001, JŪRATĖ has been started with a mission to spread the knowledge about linen and Baltic craftsmanship. Through the time, the brand kept creating unique collections which were based on four main principles: knowledge of Baltic heritage, the art of craftsmanship, finest-quality materials and timeless design. 

The inspiration behind JŪRATĖ products lies in the seasonal Baltic nature and the seaside. The colour palette as well as the materials that JŪRATĖ use carry the feel of understated luxury and Baltic craftsmanship.

Brand story

Our brand story is based on a Lithuanian legend about Jūratė, the goddess of the Baltic sea living in the amber castle, at the bottom of the underwater. She falls in love with a fisherman Kastytis and their love story gets difficult due to anger of the God of the Thunder. The legends speaks about a merger of the opposites – the underwater, the femininity of Jūratė and the earth, the masculinity of Kastytis. It also has a symbolic meaning for Baltic amber pieces, which, according to the legend, are pieces of the broken castle of Jūratė.

As we started in 2001, we chose this legend to awake the memories of the holidays at the sea: the sun, the wind, the waves – simple luxury.