Established in 2001, JŪRATĖ has been started with a mission to spread the knowledge about flax and Baltic craftsmanship. Lifestyle brand JŪRATĖ offers highest quality linen products for those who wish to lead individual, sustainable and conscious living.

JŪRATĖ’s collection includes womenswear, bags, scarves and home textiles that have exceptional design with a signature and high-end attention to the details:

Quartet of Baltic traditions, meticulous handcraft, European flax, innovative design – for silent luxury.


The legend

 According to a Lithuanian legend, Jūratė (“Jūra” means “the Sea”), -  the Goddess of the Baltic and the Queen of mermaids, - who lived in the amber castle under the waves, fell in love with a brave fisherman Kastytis. When Perkūnas,- the most powerful God of Thunder,- found out that the immortal goddess had fallen in love with a fisherman, with lightning bolts he killed Kastytis and shattered Jūratė's undersea palace. Even today, when winds whip up raging storms in the Baltic Sea, one can hear Jūratė mourning for her beloved Kastytis and, afterwards, one can still find pieces of amber: larger ones – the remains of Jūratė's amber palace, and tiny ones – the frozen tears of the Goddess - washed out on the sandy shores.

 As Jūratė is the symbol of unique and non-conformist, sensitive and romantic, free and rebellious person we make the lifestyle collection for those who avoid uniforms, who look for individuality, who boast their roots and appreciate meticulous handwork for highest quality.


The Baltic heritage

 Baltic region has long standing traditions in linen manufacturing and hand-weaving. Due to its strength and durability linen was used for fishermen sails, ropes and nets. Woven to a shiny cloth linen was irreplaceable in Lithuanian lifestyle: on the table, in bed, in bath. Linen clothing dressed up everyone from the birth on throughout the whole life.

Today, JŪRATĖ use the “know-how” of the Baltic heritage and adapt this knowledge to create original pieces for exclusive modern lifestyle: calm, pure and minimalistic aesthetics, northern seaside colours, ancient weaving patterns as well as unique techniques that have been used by Baltic craftsmen for centuries.


The art of craftsmanship

 The production of unique items requires extraordinary skills and precision. JŪRATĖ updates leather on linen hand-weaving knowledge; the meticulously crafted bags and home accessories carry the design with signature.


The clients and recognition

 JŪRATĖ products have reached clients in 30 countries worldwide, including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, USA, etc.

You can meet JŪRATĖ at ISEATAN SHINJUKU in Tokyo, ABC CARPET & HOME in New York, MANUFACTUM in 20 cities of Germany, Austria and Swiss as well in best sorted design shops or high-end lifestyle boutiques.

We are happy to be a part of the interior design projects of AXEL VERVOORDT, BLOCK 722 ARCHITECTS and numerous other creators of hotels or private spaces.

JŪRATĖ continues to be prized for their unique design and highest quality craftsmanship. The pieces of the collection are selected for Trends showcase display at the AMBIENTE show in Frankfurt and for the Novelties section at the MAISON & OBJET in Paris.

Our Services

For people with individual lifestyle, who look for unique and sophisticated, timeless and sustainable, easy care and ecological high-end home textiles, loungewear and accessories, we provide the integral collection made of linen updating the heritage of skilful Lithuanian weavers with contemporary design with signature and unique technology – for silent, understated luxury.

JŪRATĖ offers new hand weaving technology - linen with leather - and introduces fashion and lifestyle accessories made of this exclusive cloth.