JŪRATĖ pop-up shop in Vilnius

As the summer is in full swing, we thought we will send you a quick email to tell you what we have been up to lately. We have completed a very successful project recently and are happy to share the results!

On the 25th of June 2018 we opened a POP-UP shop on one of the main streets in Vilnius, Vokieciu street, where we created a space where people could explore and buy Jurate products.

Since the premises were very large, and totaled 140 sq. m of retail space, we were able to showcase full Jurate collection. We also transported two of our original looms and operated a weaving workshop, where people could design and weave their own bag.

 In order to illustrate how well Jurate products look in modern interiors, we have collaborated with a Scandinavian design studio jot.jot (http://www.jotjot.com/) to showcase their contemporary design furniture and this proved to be a very successful combination.

As the POP-UP shop was only open for 2 weeks, it was critical to attract sufficient level of people’s traffic to the shop. We organised 4 different events during this period, which included a panel discussion with architects and interior designers about textiles in interior design, as well as a presentation of a book, Passport Journal (http://passport-journal.com/en/passport-vol-2-lithuanian-version/ ), which includes stories about modern and historical Lithuanian personalities.

 We specifically planned to operate the shop during the week of the National Song and Dance festival, which happens only every 4 years, and attracts over 35,000 participants and many more visitors from all over the world. Traditionally, a lot of participants are second and third generation Lithuanians, who come back to their home country to sing, dance and celebrate their heritage together. Interestingly, they start practicing the routines at least 12 months before the actual festival in their respective countries and have massive dress rehearsals in Vilnius a week before the actual event.

Overall, we had a lot of fun, and the project proved to be very successful commercially. As a result, we are thinking of doing similar projects in the future.

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