JURATE is a premium Lithuanian lifestyle brand of exclusive home textiles and accessories made from flax: unique Lithuanian linen, in limited edition, for simple luxury.

JURATE is defined by our four cornerstone values:
fine quality materials, extraordinary craftsmanship, contemporary functionality, unique, timeless design.

When in 2001 we decided to introduce Lithuanian linen with the brand carrying the name of JURATE, the goddess of the Baltic Sea, we were motivated mainly by our patriotic feelings. We are a small country on the amber coast of the Baltics, with centuries-old traditions of cultivating flax and weaving the finest linen cloth to cover the table, to sleep in, to dry oneself and to dress in.

The past fourteen years of researching the market, acquiring experience, building a great team, developing the products and manufacturing them have distilled our vision further: in our modern fast-paced global society dressed in trendy uniforms, it is important to have a break in order to get back to the roots, to honour the heritage and to remember the universal sustainable core values in our individual lifestyles.