Historically hand weaving has been one of the most valuable crafts in Lithuania and we are proud to keep this tradition alive. At “Jurate” manufactory in Vilnius, our skilled team of weavers work with authentic Lithuanian looms to create the highest quality handwoven items.

Meet one of our weavers, Lukas (photo below)! Currently Lukas is in his last year of Textile studies degree, studying at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, deepening his knowledge in all areas of textile industry. According to him, weaving requires a close attention to detail and concentration, and one the most important things is … counting! Yes, if you are good at mathematics, it is quite likely that you will be good at weaving, as various patterns are translated into counting algorithms, resulting in different designs.

You will have a chance to meet Lukas at Maison & Objet exhibition in Paris in January 2018, as he will be joining our team at the “Jurate” stand. Do not hesitate to stop by to see hand weaving in action!

In a fast-paced fashion environment, we value timeless, good quality design that can remain relevant regardless of the current trends. To embody these values, at “Jurate” we choose long-lasting materials such as linen and leather to create long-lasting designs. For handwoven bags, our weavers weave thin stripes of leather together with linen to create unique products that are both durable and fashionable. This is a lengthy process, as for example, weaving of LAURA handbag requires approx. 45 meters of leather stripes. We also believe that each handmade item has a touch of its creator’s personality, hence why for handwoven products we attach a special certificate that indicates which artisan it was made by.

We look forward to sharing our weaving techniques with you in the near future!


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