We are extremely honoured to have had a visit from the First Lady of Japan, Her Excellency Madame Akie Abe. Madame Abe was visiting Lithuania on Saturday together with her husband, His Excellency Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan.

She came to “Jurate” manufactory and shop in Vilnius Old Town, where she was greeted by the members of “Jurate” team, including Jurate Noethen, the founder of the company and Grazina Kuzmickiene, a Creative Director. Madame Abe was interested in linen traditions in Lithuania, the craftmanship of our weavers and “Jurate” company’s relationships with Japan. Two of our weavers, Grazina Kraujaliene and Lukas Tomasevicius, were happy to give a live demonstration of their weaving skills. You can see more pictures on our Facebook page by clicking the following here.

Photo © Ieva Dargyte

Jurate Noethen provided some background regarding the history of linen manufacturing in Lithuania, including the traditional way on how flax was grown and produced in the country, as well as the long-standing heritage of hand weaving traditions, when almost all Lithuanian households used to have traditional wooden looms.

Photo © Ieva Dargyte

“Jurate” has been trading with partners in Japan since 2003, and currently our products are sold in two most established department stores in Japan, Isetan in Tokyo and Takashimaya in Kyoto. We value these relationships highly, and often design products with our Japanese clients in mind, both from the aesthetics and product construction point of view. In addition, we have a large number of Japanese tourists visiting our manufactory in Vilnius each year, who have a chance to see our weavers in action. We are looking forward to maintaining and growing these relationships in the future!



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