As we are approaching the end of 2017, we are taking the time to reflect on the past year – and what a year it has been! Full of new activities, products and partners, and more importantly, full of fun, good emotions and laughter, with the people we enjoy working with. We have included a couple of meaningful “Jurate” moments below:

New people: We have on-boarded two new employees, Indrė and Austėja, who are responsible for marketing and sales. At this stage of our company’s life, we think that now is the right time to invest in strengthening our brand and position in the linen textiles market. We have built our company through primarily focusing on the quality and design of “Jurate” products, and now we need to make sure that both existing and potential clients know about our unique offering. These newsletters have been launched as part of this effort, also we continue to include more frequent updates on our Facebook page.

New markets: We have participated in four major trade exhibitions this year, two times in Paris, in Frankfurt and Tokyo. In three of those exhibitions our products have been distinguished in the Novelties and What’s new? sections, a special recognition awarded only to the most established brands in the market. We have strengthened the partnerships with our existing clients, as well as explored new opportunities in various markets. Our products are currently being sold in 28 counties worldwide, with Japan, South Korea, Germany and France being our core markets.

New retail partners in Lithuania: We have partnered with a number of retail stores in Lithuania to increase the coverage of the local market, and now in addition to our shop in the Old Town in Vilnius (Didzioji g. 20/1), “Jurate” products are also being sold in the third largest city Klaipėda, resort town Druskininkai and additional stores in Vilnius.

New products: This year we have introduced a wide range of new products for our collections. We have significantly upgraded our autumn / winter collection, through introducing dress models from thicker linen, as well as offering a completely new product – extra fine Merino wool scarfs SKARA. We have started using interesting new materials, such as waterproof coated linen, which is used for production of our LYJA summer coats. We have also added a number of new models to our bags collection, increasing the range in terms of sizes and varieties available.

New manufacturing partners: As we are scaling up the production of some of our products, we are moving towards working with larger manufacturing partners in Lithuania. This means faster production cycles and even better quality for our products, as we are choosing the most professional providers in the field. Since a large proportion of our products remains handmade, we continue to train a new generation of “Jurate” weavers, teaching them new patters and weaving techniques. At the end, this will help to further strengthen our product offering, through introducing new designs and collaborations.

As we are wrapping up with 2017, we think the future is bright and very much look forward to meeting it!


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