After I got married and moved to Germany, for several years I looked for ways to incorporate my roots into my future. I would tell everybody about the wonderful Lithuania, its rich history, lovely people and its incredible pace of change. It was disheartening to realise that Lithuania had almost disappeared from the map of Europe due to the turbulent events of the 20th century. I was also disappointed to see that the high quality products originating from Lithuania would reach the customers all over the world without their origin being known or noted. So it was these patriotic feelings that led me to come up with the idea of “improving the world”. (My husband thought I should start with the basement of our house J.)

Together with two friends living in Lithuania and the Netherlands, we developed the idea of revitalising the Lithuanian tradition of linen, updating this ancient craft and adapting the Baltic aesthetics to modern lifestyle under a Lithuanian brand.  We have chosen JURATE as our brand name – it is a popular girls’ name of the queen of the Baltic Sea.

Grazina Kuzmickiene is a Lithuanian designer: she took care of the design and production of our collections. Antoinette Navis and I looked after sales and marketing. Few years into our venture Antoinette decided to travel the world and left our company.

In 2010 Virginija Narbutiene, an economist, joined our firm.

From then on we – the three good friends – have been developing our ideas in linen: JURATE products have already reached the customers all over the world: Japan, Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Argentinian, Brazil and USA.

Our highly skilled team of weavers - top masters, designers and artists – have been supporting us in realisation of our vision to bring the spirit of Lithuania to you and your home.

Jurate Nothen

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