© Judita Grigelytė (VŽ)

“Jurate” is a premium lifestyle brand of home textiles and accessories made from linen - unique products, designed for silent luxury.

Our story goes back to 2003, when a couple of friends, deeply passionate about linen, decided to start a company with a vision of introducing Lithuanian linen to the rest of the world. The brand was born under the name of Jurate, a goddess of the Baltic Sea, who is also a mermaid. Together we developed the idea of revitalising the Lithuanian tradition of producing linen and adapting this ancient craft and Baltic aesthetics to the modern lifestyle.

The past fourteen years of researching the market, acquiring experience, building a great team, developing the products and manufacturing them have distilled our vision further: in our modern fast-paced global society dressed in trendy uniforms, it is important to have a break in order to get back to the roots, to honour the heritage and to remember the universal sustainable core values in our individual lifestyles.

Our leadership team consists of four linen lovers: Grazina takes care of design and production of our collections; Jurate looks after our clients, as well as shapes the strategic direction of the business; Regina is in charge of the finance function at the company and Indre is responsible for marketing and communication of the story of our brand. Our highly skilled team of weavers - top masters, designers and artists – have been supporting us throughout the years in realisation of our vision to bring the spirit of Lithuania to you and your home.